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Home Brewing Co Update 1

I don’t like talking about things that I haven’t actually accomplished yet. I always felt, or perhaps I was told, that recognition only comes after a job is complete. Hence, my reluctance anytime I sit down to issue a “brewery update.”

That said, a well-meaning customer gave us a good old fashioned scolding the other day. And the customer is always right.

As far as build out goes, we have floor drains and a cold box. For the latter we are using a 24.5k BTU window AC with a Cold-Bot. The cold box is 8×15′, so this AC has no problem maintaining a perfect 38F. It will hold even better once we get several batches of cold beer in there as well!

On the tasting room side, we are working with Shawn Benson from SideYard, and Tyler Cristobal, our in-house designer. We have met several times refining the plans every step along the way. I would say the design is 80% there. We are still tossing ideas around how the taps themselves will be installed. We’re aiming for 18 taps. I am so stoked to be working with these guys, and I know they will help make our tasting room comfy, interesting, and simple.

We have at least (1) 7bbl Uni Fermenter from Premiere Stainless waiting for us, and we hope to order 2+ more in the coming month. En route we have a 300 Gallon dairy tank (it looks like a can of soup cut in half), and a 450 Gallon boil kettle (also an old piece of dairy equipment). Our 200k BTU Tankless Hot Water Heater has already arrived for the HLT.

Here’s our 450 Gal Kettle.

We also have (4) 3 bbl Brite tanks set to arrive late June. This half capacity will force us to split the batch at the serving vessel. So we’ll be looking for a hop back soon.

We still need to order: sanitary pump, power pack (glycol for tanks), plate chiller, really expensive tubing/fittings, and a few odds and ends.

Timeline? Who knows? We won’t put a beer on tap just because we’re excited that we brewed so much. So we’re not interested in making a time commitment, although deadlines are good. That said, I hope to brew our first water batch by late June, and our first wort batch shortly after. Whether or not that goes on tap or down the drain will be determined, and if we have to dump 3 batches, then so be it. That’s our attitude for now.

We have all of our homebrew supplies, packaging station, “office” and more where our brewery will be soon. I hope to fit (5) 7 bbl fermenters in there by the end of the year. It’s going to be a challenge for us logistically with our tight space, and with so many things going on, but we have one of the best group of people in the whole freaking world to help us figure it out. And better yet, we have some of the coolest, most talented, and intelligent customers in the whole world, so I am sure you will all have some helpful tips down the road. For now, this is the plan and we’re sticking to it.