COVID-19 Update Archives

We will keep an ongoing list of our updates here.

COVID-19 Announcement:
In Store Interactions Suspended through 3/22/2020.

Our financial well-being has the potential to put the at-risk members of our community in harm’s way. We cannot find a comfortable way to sync our core values of “Community, Fun, & Education” and our company motto of “Saving the Universe Through Homebrew” with the concept of maintaining the very social interactions that our health and community leaders are asking us to suspend. Therefore, we will SUSPEND ALL NORMAL OPERATIONS EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY THROUGH SUNDAY MARCH 22nd. We will have another update by that time. 

Here’s the deets:

  • We will fulfill online orders for DELIVERY ONLY via standard delivery methods. 
  • No In-Store or Curbside Pickup.
  • Orders to SD Country  will ship Free*
  • Homebrew Supplies only. No To-Go Beers. 
  • Orders will be dutifully fulfilled between 12p-3p and dropped off for delivery by 4p. 
  • We will wear protective equipment while fulfilling orders.
  • Gift Cards are Available for Purchase, and will be 10% this entire week, and mailed out for future use. Those can be purchased at:
  • Gift Cards will be packaged the same way as other orders and sent via USPS

This is going to suck for us and a lot of our friends. Running any sort of brick-and-mortar is not easy, and takes a lot of guts (and loveable naivete). We certainly need your support, but we also value your well-being and the continued survival of all members of our community. We’ll get through this. If we need a direct ask down the road, we will certainly let you know. 

Here’s how you can help:

  • Order online from us (this will be a nice stress test for our inventory tracking system).
  • Order a gift card for future use.
  • Keep ordering supplies from us in the future.

*some restrictions may apply. our intent is to provide ingredients and basic supplies – we’ll reach out if we can’t make certain items work. Excludes co2/nitrogen.


Q: Why not curbside pickup or to-go orders?
A: Our experience over the past week was that the more orders/directives that were released, the more customers we saw, and the more they wanted to talk with us, and the more they wanted to joke about high fives and hugs, etc…

We appreciate that support, and we truly believe that we will be healthy on the other side of this, but we also don’t want our business to be a conduit for any ill will or potentially deadly externalities. We love hanging out and talking with our guests; and we appreciate that you all seem to enjoy it too, but we believe that if we tried curb-side, or in-store pickup, that it would only become another place for people to gather and ignore the advice of our local leadership.

Q: Will this hurt you guys financially?
A: You bet. We are going to pay our employees for their regularly scheduled hours this week. We’re going to take a financial beating, and running a brick and mortar has already become hard enough, so this is not going to be easy. We will work hard to make ends meet financially, and we are exploring our options with our banks, lenders, and business partners.

Q: Will you feel like an idiot if this all blows over, and you’re financially ruined?
A: We care about our Community, Having Fun, & Learning About Cool Stuff, way too much to actually be worried about our reputation right now.