FTSs Heating and Chilling Package – 7 gal Chronical

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FTSs Heating and Chilling Package ? 7 gal Chronical

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Set a temperature on the controller, provide a source of chill water for your system, tuck the heater pad underneath the neoprene jacket, plug into the wall and walk away. This system will hold your set temp both when it gets cold and when it gets warm!

This kit is for owners of the Ss standard edition Chronical 7 Gallon fermenter that are looking for a two-way switchable controller with both heating and chilling functionality.
Kit contents include:
1x heater pad for 7 Gal Chronical
1 x power supply 110-240V and 6A power supply for global use
1 x two-way switchable FTSs controller
1 x flat FTSs lid
1 x chilling coil
1 x lid mounted thermowell
10 feet of vinyl tubing
1 x lid stopper
1 x submersible pump
1 x custom tailored neoprene jacket for Chronical 7 gallon fermenter
Digital temp controller displays both C/F
Chill from 0.5-2 degrees F per minute
Custom lid with 304 Ss immersion chiller coil
304 Ss weldless lid mounted thermowell
Accurately monitor and control temps