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TJ Craft Beer pt 1

We’ve had the pleasure of getting to know many homebrewers, as well as craft brewers, in the past year and a half. Many of them endure the waits at the border to come across for brew supplies, and they are working hard to build a thriving beer scene just south of the border.

Last month I had the honor of walking across the border with Joey from Bine Vine, Ryan from Coronado, and Larry from Firestone Walker (formerly of Home Brew Mart, and also a bit currently of Pizza Port, of I’m not mistaken). Together we comprised the first team of judges to oversee The Tijuana Homebrew Club’s inaugural homebrew competition.

The categories were American and IPAs. The beers themselves resembled the same mix of experience and quality that one would expect from a competition in the states: mostly solid, a few in need of process improvements, and a handful of fantastic examples.

Our hosts were the crew at Beer Box. They treated us to a wonderful meal at the TJ Food Garden. We also had the pleasure of visiting Sospeso Coffee and Baja Craft Beer.

The walk across The border took about 20 minutes.

Certainly looking forward to many more visits to our neighbors in the future. Some photos from this trip are below.


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